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Los Angeles Vision & Hearing Loss Claims

Seek Fair Benefits with a Workers' Compensation Lawyer

If you are suffering the effects of vision or hearing loss as a result of an accident at work or workplace exposure to chemicals, loud noises, or other hazards, a Los Angeles workers' compensation lawyer at Gomez-Garcia Law, Inc. can help you seek benefits. While it is true that workers are entitled to workers' compensation for all job-related illnesses and injuries, recovering fair and full benefits can be difficult.

With Ana Gomez-Garcia's experience as a former insurance defense attorney, our team at Gomez-Garcia Law, Inc. is uniquely qualified to represent injured workers in appealing and litigating workers' comp claims for hearing loss and vision loss. We know what proof is needed to link your condition with your job and also know what tactics insurance providers and employers may utilize to try to delay or deny payment. We fight for fair compensation on behalf of our clients.

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Causes of Occupational Hearing & Vision Loss

Occupational vision and hearing loss may have various causes. Our attorneys are experienced in taking on any type of claim of this kind, gathering the necessary medical records and documentation to prove hearing or vision loss is work-related. When you have a Los Angeles workers' comp attorney from Gomez-Garcia Law, Inc. by your side during the claims process, you can feel confident knowing that we will utilize the justice system on your behalf to maximize your recovery.

Some potential causes of hearing or vision loss at work include:

  • Flying objects striking the eye, such as nails, staples, wood splinters, or glass shards
  • Blunt force trauma to the eye or ear
  • Chemical burns to the eye
  • Traumatic brain injury caused by a ladder fall, roof fall, or vehicle accident
  • Foreign materials abrading the eye, such as sawdust or cement dust
  • Continued exposure to loud noises
  • Continued exposure to bright lights or ultraviolet rays

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