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Falling Debris Injuries in Los Angeles, CA

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Have you been injured by falling debris at work? Whether you were working at a construction site, warehouse, plant, or other workplace, you may have suffered significant injuries. A falling object, even a small one, can cause serious harm if it is heavy, sharp, or falls from a height. It can cause head trauma and can leave a worker unable to work or even permanently disabled.

Gomez-Garcia Law, Inc. fights for injured workers across the Los Angeles area who have been struck by falling debris. We are here to handle your workers' compensation claim so you can pursue the benefits you deserve. With a former insurance defense attorney on your side, you can feel confident that we know how the other side thinks and works. We can provide more effective legal counsel as a result. Our Los Angeles workers' compensation attorneys are here to support you and to fight on your behalf if you are denied or delayed benefits.

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Falling Objects: One of Construction's “Fatal Four”

Falling objects are one of the four leading causes of worker fatalities in the construction injury, dubbed one of construction's “fatal four” by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Injuries caused by falling debris are preventable if safety standards are upheld at construction sites and other workplaces.

NIOSH offers the following tips to avoid falling object injuries:

  • Do not hoist loads so they pass over workers or other people.
  • Properly secure loads that are being transported or lifted by forklifts.
  • Wear hard hats at construction sites and other work-sites.
  • Place toe boards on all scaffolding to prevent tools or other objects from falling on workers below.
  • Secure tools in elevated working areas so they cannot fall.

A Los Angeles workers' comp lawyer at Gomez-Garcia Law, Inc. can help you with a claim involving falling debris caused by safety violations, negligence, or other wrongdoing. One of the advantages of workers' compensation claims is that you do not have to prove negligence in order to secure benefits, but we may be able to file a personal injury claim if a third party (not your employer) was to blame.

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