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Areas of Practice

Personal Injury & Workers' Compensation Attorneys in Los Angeles

Gomez-Garcia Law, Inc. represents people who have been injured in work accidents or as a result of someone else's carelessness. We handle personal injury and workers' compensation claims to help our clients get the money they need for their medical care, lost earnings, and more. Our Los Angeles injury lawyers realize how difficult it can be to get back on your feet again after a serious injury. We help people of all ages, races, and backgrounds get the financial help they need to rebuild their lives. We understand the perspective of the African American and Latino communities better than most injury attorneys in Southern California.

Our primary areas of practice include: Workplace accidents and occupational diseases, and accidents and injuries caused by negligence. With work-related illnesses and injuries, workers are entitled to workers' compensation benefits under California law. They are entitled to these benefits regardless of who or what caused their injuries. With personal injury claims, the cause of the accident or injury must be identified so the at-fault party can be held responsible.

In both personal injury and workers' compensation cases, Gomez-Garcia Law, Inc. works to make sure our clients receive the fair and complete benefits or compensation to which they are entitled.

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How Our Lawyers Help the Injured

After a serious accident or injury, you may feel powerless. You may be facing off against a large insurance corporation that is only trying to protect its profit margin. Gomez-Garcia Law, Inc. levels the playing field, holding insurance providers and employers accountable for unfair review or payment of claims.

When we take on a workers' compensation or personal injury case, our Los Angeles injury attorneys:

  • Complete a proper intake and investigation of your case so we know what we are up against and how to proceed.
  • Communicate extensively with you to make sure you are prepared for what lies ahead.
  • Work with you as an advisor, informing you of your options and working closely with you to take the approach you want to take based on your needs and concerns.
  • Develop a strategy and timeline to pursue your goals.
  • Negotiate or litigate on your behalf to obtain the highest possible benefits, settlement, or award.

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