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Worker's Comp for Repetitive Motion Injuries

Workers' Compensation Attorneys in Los Angeles, CA

Repetitive stress injuries (RSI) or repetitive motion injuries occur gradually but can cause serious injury that may hinder your daily life. When the injury is caused by repetitive motion at work, the injury can be understandably more frustrating. The good news is that you are able to file a worker's compensation claim for a repetitive injury!

Many jobs, in various industries, involve doing the same or very similar activities day in and day out. This can increase a worker's chances of developing repetitive motion injuries or repetitive stress disorders. Continued wear and tear on specific parts of the body can cause damage to the tissue, bone, muscles, and tendons in the area, leading to pain, discomfort, and serious medical conditions. Computer work, assembly line duties, and heavy lifting can cause various repetitive motion injuries and disorders.

Fortunately, California employers must carry workers' compensation insurance to cover medical bills and make up for lost income following repetitive motion injuries. Unfortunately, actually getting your workers' compensation benefits can be very difficult. Working with an experienced Los Angeles workers' comp attorney is an important step you can take to protect your right to benefits – even if your employer tries to deny your injury is work-related. Gomez-Garcia Law, Inc. handles workers' comp claims and appeals for workers of all ages, races, and backgrounds in our community.

Injuries Caused by Repetitive Motion

Repetitive motion injuries, or repetitive stress injuries, are caused by repetitive motion and most often occur in joints or in muscles, nerves, tendons, and ligaments. Many injuries can cause lasting pain or even limit mobility.

We can handle claims involving such repetitive motion injuries as:

  • Tendinitis
  • Bursitis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Back strain and chronic back pain
  • Joint injuries
  • Dystonia (writer's cramp)

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Proving Repetitive Motion Injuries with a Work Injury Lawyer

The law entitles you to receive worker's compensation benefits for repetitive motion injuries caused by your job duties. Receiving workers' compensation benefits should be easy, but it is often far from so. You cannot simply fill out a claim and trust that it will be paid in full and in a timely manner. Some workers' comp insurance companies and employers actively try to find any reason to deny, delay, or reduce benefits for injured workers.

With repetitive motion and repetitive stress injury cases, this is more likely to happen. These types of injuries can be difficult to document. A worker may suffer from symptoms like chronic pain, numbness, loss of muscle strength, or stiffness, which do not necessarily show any visible sign of injury. A workers' comp insurance provider may try to allege that the injury is not severe enough to warrant the award of benefits, or they may try to claim it is not work-related.

Our Los Angeles work injury lawyers know all the tactics the insurance company will try to use against you, and we know how to fight back. We make sure our clients see doctors who are experienced in repetitive motion injuries and whose opinion will help to create clear, compelling evidence that full compensation is deserved.

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